Classical Techniques 101

The Problem: Classical singing doesn't just mean opera! Are you ignoring these fundamental techniques?

Elastic Lung Recoil

1) Red wine and bean bags and how they help you sing better

Flow the Breath

2) Breath FLOW is much better than breath PRESSURE

Bernoulli Effect

3) Simple physics to help you sing higher more easily

Stabilise Your Larynx

4) Fix the wheel alignment in your voice

Vocal Onset

5) Change the start of the sound to change all of the sound

Thyroid Tilt

6) Still having trouble with classical? Then this technique is the key

Thyroid Tilt 2

7) Now have you got it?

Italian 101

8) Not five years at University but 7 minutes with Tim!

Fettucine Carbonara

9) Use all that you already know

Check Your Ribs

10) Tim's studied the physics and physiology but you only need to do this!