The Vocal Alchemy Method

'proven, cutting edge vocal technique' (VA)

is a revolutionary new platform dedicated to excellence and saving schools and students thousands of dollars per year.  VA provides 24/7 online access to cutting edge, high quality video singing lessons and feedback. Live vocal workshops are also delivered throughout the year nationally to consolidate progress.

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Success Stories

an Unlimited Pocket Mentor

VA online singing lessons are designed to either stand alone, or become a complementary tool for any singing program already in place.?  VA is an ‘unlimited pocket mentor’: the perfect tool to enable students to learn and practice, as the lessons are accessible from their own personal iPhone, tablet, laptop or desktop once connected to the internet.

Who are we?

VA is the brainchild of Laura Hamilton and Tim Smith, both highly qualified music theatre professionals with 25 years experience, renowned in our industry nationally and internationally.  In fact the Vocal Alchemy method was developed by Tim Smith, who is the only singing teacher in Australia who sits alongside international creative decision makers, on audition panels for major musical productions – he knows what they want first hand and what singers need to learn to succeed professionally.

How does it work? enables users to access a guided singing lesson every day, go back over previous concepts as required, all in privacy and at their own pace. Compared with traditional lessons the cost has been massively reduced and ease of access has increased significantly. Not to mention the quality of learning from a renowned Master Vocal Coach who has dedicated 20 years to the cutting edge techniques included in the 32 video lessons.

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