Tim Smith - Master Vocal Coach

With more than 25 years' professional experience as a musician, musical director and master vocal coach on major theatrical productions worldwide, Tim Smith has become a sought-after vocal coach with clients in cities ranging from Paris and London to Sydney and Brisbane.

Tim Smith Master Vocal Coach teaching his megaphone singing concept








Here are just a few of Tim's professional credits:

Leading performing arts organisations: Patrick Studios Australia & VPAC have now incorporated the Vocal Alchemy training method into their larger curriculums.

Originally trained as a classical pianist, singer, orchestral conductor and educator (BA Arts & Dip Ed,) Tim’s work covers a wide variety of areas and styles. An award-winning musical director, he has worked on more than 30 musicals and other musical events, ranging from Caroline O’Connor’s Bombshells for the renowned Melbourne Theatre Company, to Beauty and the Beast for Jacobsen’s, to Barbra Streisand’s Timeless Concert tour in Australia.

Tim Smith Master Singing Teacher explaining vocal range in the Elite Vocal Series online singing lessons

He has performed with an array of artists, from Michael Crawford to Petula Clark.  During 2007 Tim was invited to be a Master Teacher at the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing Music Theatre Forum. He has been a musical director, vocal coach and consultant, for the Walt Disney Company throughout Australia and Asia for the past thirteen years.

During the past two years Tim has taken workshops on the music theatre voice in England, Ireland, Scotland, France and around Australia as Artistic Director of  Vocal Alchemy.