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A: Sometimes the emails we send with the FREE SINGING LESSON link go into people's spam. Please check your spam - you are likely to find the email with your FREE LESSON video link there. If you can't find an email from us with a link in it for your free singing lesson, please contact us at admin@vocalalchemy.com.au

A: You will need to watch the free lesson FIRST before access to Lesson 1 will be possible. Each of the lessons provides sequential information so your progress is safe and cumulative. The FREE LESSON is like lesson zero, you will find it at the very top of the list when you are logged in and on the Elite Vocal Series Singing Lessons page.

A: The videos are high definition to ensure your sound experience is top quality and sometimes they are up to an hour in length. The best method for viewing the videos is as follows:

  1. Click play on the video
  2. Once the video begins to play press PAUSE
  3. Make a cup of tea or allow the video to 'buffer' for 5-10 mins
  4. Return to the video - press play and enjoy uninterrupted viewing!

A: It sounds like you're on a TRIAL 1-month subscription of the Elite Vocal Series. To access the entire 32 lessons and accompanying exercises of the Elite Vocal Series, you need to purchase a FULL 12-month subscription.

With a FULL 12-month subscription upgrade, you can watch ALL 32 lessons, download more than 220 exercises and get 4 rounds of personal feedback from a Master Vocal Coach!

Once logged in, go to your profile and click on the UPGRADE SUBSCRIPTION button. For further information, read the UPGRADE sections HERE.

A: If you're on a TRIAL subscription and want  to unlock more videos, simply upgrade to a FULL 12-month subscription. On a FULL 12-month subscription you'll have access to ALL 32 videos, the related 220 exercises PLUS 4 rounds of personal feedback from a Master Vocal Coach!

Unlocking new videos can easily be done by upgrading from your PROFILE page - once you are logged in to the Vocal Alchemy website - you will find a pink button on your 'profile' page that says UPGRADE SUBSCRIPTION, click on that and follow the prompts to complete your upgrade.

A: VOCAL ALCHEMY lessons are for everyone. The Elite Vocal Series is comprehensive, it begins at the very beginning and progresses sequentially and safely to advanced techniques and most importantly artistry. Our 7 min Vocal Series gives you short bursts of technique for specific singing issues. You can browse through all of the 7 min video categories and videos within those categories, to see what we have on offer.
The key is to realise you’re gaining new skills from each lesson and this process needs time to consolidate within you. Don’t’ be in a hurry! If you’re still unsure, take a trial of the Elite Vocal Series for 1 month (access to 6 lessons) for $49.95 and when you discover the lessons are the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself, you can upgrade to access all 32 lessons and personal feedback from a Master Vocal Coach by purchasing the 12 month subscription.

A: Sure does.

Vocal Alchemy's ELITE VOCAL SERIES is the most comprehensive vocal course available for purchase online - that’s why there are so many lessons in the package. On DVD, the lessons and exercises would fill almost 20 DVDs! (Most other courses make a big deal of giving you 3 DVDs of video.)

After completing the 32 lessons and more than 220 singing exercises you’ll sing higher, louder, better, easier and with more expression than you ever have.

A: Absolutely! VOCAL ALCHEMY covers everything from belting to crying to classical. If you don’t know what these terms mean you soon will with Vocal Alchemy - and you’ll sing like you never have before with the comprehensiveElite Vocal Series or we even have a specific category dedicated to 'Contemporary 101' in our 7 Min Vocal Series. VOCAL ALCHEMY teaches you to unleash!

A: Sure is. In the Elite Vocal Series lessons you’ll find lots of new techniques that approach the classical voice from a whole body, whole person approach. The lessons also cover the common problems people have with classical singing and provide techniques for addressing those problems. Hooty sopranos, raspy altos, strangled tenors and woofy basses will all fix their problems with the Elite Vocal Series and we even have a whole category dedicated to 'Classical 101' in our 7 Min Vocal Series. Additionally, classically trained singers will significantly increase their singing skills from the study of contemporary and mixing techniques covered in the lessons.

A: It’s perfect! VOCAL ALCHEMY will have you back singing again in no time. And because of the world’s-best practice techniques, you’ll sing better than you did back when you were younger.

A: There are thirty-two lessons in the Elite Vocal Series, they range in length from twenty minutes to one hour. There are more than 40 lessons in our 7 min series, they range in length from 7-10 mins. We are adding new lessons all the time to the 7 Min Series.

A: With a full subscription, there are over 220 exercises, all downloadable to your iPod or other media player so you can take them with you.

A: The lessons begin with fundamental singing ideas and techniques and progress to advanced techniques that are practiced at the world-class PRO level. 

Every fifth lesson or so is a SUMMARY lesson that reinforces the ideas and techniques covered in the previous lessons. I encourage you not to rush from lesson to lesson as each lesson contains a huge amount of information based on the lesson topic. Stay on the summary lessons for as long as you need. Something learnt deeply and practiced daily will last forever.

A: You need to watch lessons 1-11 first! All of the 32 lessons and related mp3s are organised so that they may only be viewed in order. In other words, to watch lesson 12, you must first watch lessons 1-11. Once a lesson is viewed, it is “unlocked” and can be watched again as often as you wish. It is designed in this way so your progress is safe and comprehensive.

A: Log into the Vocal Alchemy website by clicking 'MEMBERS LOGIN' at the top right hand corner of the main menu, enter your username and password, then go to your 'PROFILE' page, by clicking MY PROFILE in the main menu. There you will find a pink button that says UPGRADE SUBSCRIPTION.
Simply UPGRADE to a FULL 12-month subscription and you will unlock ALL 32 videos, more than 220 exercises, PLUS 4 rounds of personal feedback from a Master Vocal Coach.
Your subscription upgrade will begin once your current subscription expires. This means that if you're on a 1-month subscription and you upgrade to 12 months, you’ll end up with a total subscription of 13 months and will have unlocked more videos in the process. If you have any problems or queries about your subscription length or type or need help in any way with your subscription, please email admin@vocalalchemy.com.au. We'll always be on hand to help you.

A: Tim will listen to your recording and then privately email you a response with suggestions about which VOCAL ALCHEMY lesson has the answers you’re looking for. He may make other suggestions that will also help you fix your problem.

Once you’ve taken his advice and practiced some more, upload ANOTHER demo of you singing the same bit. It’s a “before and after” thing! (Upload amounts are limited according to subscription chosen) You can follow the progress of your upload from your 'profile' page. Each upload has a label that changes from NEW to PROCESSING to ANSWERED as it moves through the system.

A: Tim conducts live VOCAL ALCHEMY workshops in locations all around the world. Watch the news section of our website or check our facebook page for updates and info. Alternatively, send an email to sing@vocalalchemy.com.au requesting a workshop for your area and when numbers are sufficient, Tim will come and work with you live!

A: Internet speeds vary all over the world for dozens of reasons. The VOCAL ALCHEMY videos have been maximised to provide the best possible experience for the largest number of viewers whilst still retaining HD quality. If the videos stream too slowly, try streaming at a different time of the day and/or begin streaming and then make a cup of tea and be patient! At the bottom of each video there's a streaming line that shows how much of the video has already been streamed. If you're watching a lesson and it stops, let the streaming line get longer before pressing 'play' again. Alternatively, press the pause button in the bottom left corner and wait for the streaming line - the black part - to get longer before you press play again. The 7 min series videos are shorter and will be much easier for those who have very slow internet speeds.

A: No. Copying the videos in any form whatsoever is illegal. When you purchase the Elite Vocal Series or the a video from the 7 Min Series you agree to the VOCAL ALCHEMY Terms and Conditions which forbid the making of any type of copy. You can however copy the accompanying mp3s and I encourage you to do this and take them with you so you can practice anywhere! (Please don’t give these to your friends. Value the investment you have made in yourself and help us continue to expand your website.  Please tell them about VOCAL ALCHEMY so they can get their own subscription and experience the full benefit of being a subscriber).