Contemporary Techniques 101

The Problem: It's all about the right kind of tension! Are you using the wrong kind?

Speech-Based Sounds

1) Did you know your contemporary voice is based on speaking?

VA rubber-band technique 2

2) The opposite of classical...MADE EASY

VA Rubber-band technique 3

3) Vocal Alchemy calls it RUBBER BAND TECHNIQUE (physiologists call them lateral cricoarytenoids!)

Ego state attack

4) Which part of you is really singing?

Contemporary resonance

5) Same as classical singing....or not?

Variable glottal

6) Often when we're speaking, but we can do it when we sing too

Power-up your glottal

7) Who doesn't want MORE VOCAL POWER

Laryngeal elevation

8) Classical singers would never, but for contemporary singing...

Coordinating glottal onset and elevation

9) Your groove and style live here!